Growing Through Career Stagnation

When growing in your career there is often a question that arises - stay where you are, stagnant as it may feel, or take the big scary leap and grow into something new. Sometimes it is moving between departments, or pay scale levels - more often than not it is making the transition from helper and "do-er" to leader. If you have hit that point in your career, here are some tips for navigating your next move.

Be Prepared for Changes in Your Work Relationships

Many employees, particularly female, will find themselves sticking in lesser roles because of the social benefits. There is a comfort in being liked, receiving praise and affirmation for a job well done, and being able to avoid conflict. "Work spouses" and best friends at work are great for overall employee satisfaction, but may require you to have some serious conversations about what to expect as your role changes. Take charge and set some healthy boundaries.

Practice Self-Awareness, and Prepare by Asking for Help

Have you found yourself waiting to be tasked with projects or offering to take on more when you know you're already pushed to your limit? This puts you in reactive mode, with no room to think big or see beyond your giant task list. Could you be at fault for your lengthy task list? If so, consider talking to your manager. With them you can shine light on how much you really do, show that you have a good grasp on time management and ask for help in prioritizing tasks or delegating where possible.

Be a Coach (and Be Coachable!)

A great leader is one that empowers others. When you start coaching others and teaching them new skill sets, you will establish yourself as a leader within your team. One of my favorite ways to do this is to teach someone else your job. This may sound counterintuitive, but if someone else knows how to do your work, then it's easier to delegate and makes promoting you to the next position easier for your employer. The power in delegation is it opens your time and mind to working in your strengths. You can produce more valuable outputs that are unique to your skill set and way of thinking.

Keep open to a higher level coach for yourself. It can be someone inside your industry, or you may benefit more from personalized coaching from a life and career coach. Working through your goals, developing your language and confidence, as well as having a partner in accountability will make you more prepared for your next steps.

Speak Up

How often do you say "I'm Sorry", "this might be silly but", or "I just thought I would" when providing your input? Changing the way you speak and share ideas to sound more confident and direct, will allow your employers a better picture of the value you bring to the table. More importantly, it will help you to stand a little taller and embrace your worth. Share your ideas bravely and often. This is also the time to get comfortable with discussing difficult subjects. Set time to speak with your manager and let them know your intentions.

Make the Hard Choices

There does come a point when the choice will be in front of you - continue in your current environment, or look outside for new opportunities. There are pros and cons to both options, and it's important to have someone to bounce your ideas and concerns off before making the decision to change. But do not fear the change itself - the world has more than enough space and need for your specific brilliance, you just have to bring it to the table, wherever that table may be. 

Stay Informed

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Stagnant at Work


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Saturday, 01 October 2022