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Empower Yourself With an Alimental Life

"Alimental" - Having the quality of nourishing : furnishing the materials for natural growth

Empower Yourself With an Alimental Life

"Alimental" - Having the quality of nourishing : furnishing the materials for natural growth

On Your Turf

We’ll meet where you are comfortable, no stuffy office or uncomfortable waiting rooms. Outside? Coffee Shop? Your Kitchen? We’ll catch up somewhere that you feel safe in; somewhere you can relax and be you!

On Your Terms

All are welcome, and receive an unbiased ear and partner in goal building, accountability and problem solving. No topic is off limits. Coaching can be your one support, or can act as the bridge between therapy and medical care - you don’t have to go it alone.

Focus on You

You are not your problems. You are a complicated and wonderful human being who is ready to face challenges head on, and know that having someone by your side who sees the real you will make your journey that much easier.

Active Engagement Coaching

Active Engagaement Coaching

AEC (“Ace”) is Active Engagement Coaching. It is the unique blend of environment, activity and accountability that accelerates your progress in self discovery and growth.

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Meet Alex, your mentor and coach

Get to Know Alex, your AEC Coach and Alimental Mentor

My true passion is helping adults, teens, and young adults find their true path. I knew that traditional therapy and coaching just wasn’t the key for me in growing personally and professionally, so I sought out new options. In doing so, I unlocked the key to a new, non-traditional coaching method that brings results more effectively, in less time, and with more joy. When we work together, you get my full attention and we do what works for you - be that a walk, a workout, or a long talk over tea. You get all of me dedicated to finding what makes you - you.

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Lifepath & Business Coaching

Are you feeling overwhelmed? Burntout? Or just straight up frustrated? Do want something different for your life, but not quite sure what that is?

You're not alone!

At Alimental Life, we use a holistic approach to improve your overall mental, physical and financial wellness. Our exclusive Active Engagement Coaching™ style (AEC™), we can help you gain insight on what motivates you and what brings you joy. We will help you discover your true-life path and figure out what might be holding your back.  We will look at every facet of your life, and show you the impact they all have on your overall wellness, by shining a light on how they are all interlocking pieces of your life's puzzle.  Once we've identified where you want to go, our coaches then work alongside you, in your environment to help you set up systems and new habits for success. Weather that's retiring early, combatting depression, losing weight to balance hormones and improve longevity, determining career path or turning your hobby into a profitable business. Alimental Life Coaches can help. 

If you want to get un-stuck, enjoy life and achieve a greater sense of mental, physical, and financial wellness, then Alimental Life is for you!

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