About Alimental Life

Meet Alex

Alex is the founder of Alimental Life LLC and the creator of AEC™. Alex founded Alimental Life at a time of transition and wanted to help others find balance, harmony and overall wellness in their lives. With over 15 years in the global health and nutrition industry, she has a plethora of knowledge about health, nutrition, food and various wellness practices from all over the globe.

She spent several years volunteering as an outreach counselor for at risk homeless youth, where she fell in love with helping teens navigate the world. She has a unique hands on approach to coaching her clients that allows her to connect quicker, and achieve results faster.

Alex Koupal - Alimental Life

About AEC

Alimental Life utilizes a unique style of coaching to meet you where you are at. AEC™ will propel you forward with action and not just words. AEC™ (or “Ace”) is Active Engagement Coaching™.

We believe in the power of using your physical space and energy to help shift your mindset. We focus on sessions that take us out of a traditional “office space” and make use of the tools we have to help you grow. AEC™ works because it address your entire person, your environment, and gives your brain the opportunity to make new connections by “doing.”

Every coaching plan is created custom to our clients needs and comfort level. Here are some examples of how we use AEC™:

Where I can meet my clientsA 42 year old mom who is ready to change her health habits.

She wants to find ways to improve her health while working and caring for her family. On our discovery call, we decide to meet for our first session at a park near her house, to take a long walk together. During this walk we discuss the setbacks and challenges she’s experienced in the past and discover what motivates her, what her goals are and how we can work toward achieving this in a realistic way. During this walk, we also are mapping out a safe and reliable walking path that she can take alone with her baby in the stroller after work.

The following week, she admits she’s struggling with nutrition and would like some help figuring out a system to better meal prep. So we meet Sunday on her prep day, at the grocery store and discuss nutrition, portion size and grocery list. Our next follow up we might be held while meal prepping in her kitchen and helping her find how to use the space and items she already has to be successful in her environment. We also meet weekly for check-in’s via zoom while she cares for her baby.

 A 16 year old who is struggling with anxious feelings in school, and finds himself shutting down.

He rarely comes out of his room, and isn’t interested in going anywhere anymore. We might meet in a park, walking distance from his home, where he feels welcome to speak and move as he is comfortable. We might talk about video games, movies and other things that bring him joy. Find out what motivates him, what might be holding him back, and spend some time dreaming about the future.

In our next follow up session we might work with his academic schedule to create small goals for success, with check points via text during the week. Or discuss social issues he may be encountering with friends or experiences he might want to share with his parents but isn’t sure how to approach them.

 A business owner who is unsure of the next steps to expand and is feeling overwhelmed and burntout.

We meet at her favorite hiking trail and discuss strategy on the hike. When we get back to the parking lot, we sit down and map out a plan. Meeting in a neutral and engaging area allows new ideas flow more easily, and getting some exercise and sunshine help boost overall mood and mental clarity.

The following week, we would meet at her office and go over workflow, clutter and systems that might be holding her back from moving forward with her plan. She decides the best way to keep herself accountable is to send me weekly updates on her goal progress so we check in via email weekly, followed by monthly zoom meetings, until she finds herself at a pivot point, and needs to meet again in person.

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What to Expect 

Alimental Life specializes in non-traditional coaching techniques that allow for greater engagement and faster, more sustainable results.

We meet where you feel comfortable and in a place that will take you one step closer to your goals. Together we will build a program that fits your personal needs and customize the program to fit your goals as well as budget.


  • The Discovery Call - Our first encounter is a complimentary short phone or video call to see if we connect. We’ll have a few questions to review and make sure that I am the best fit for you. If not, I can often provide a referral or other option. If we match, we’ll schedule our first session. Book your discovery call here.
  •  The Deep Dive - The deep dive is a two-hour session (in person or via Zoom). We really get to know each other, and deep dive into what you want out of this relationship. We will discuss your current situation, what you hope to accomplish, and lay out the challenges and obstacles.  The last 15-20 minutes of our session we will put together a custom plan made just for you, and set our next meeting.
  •  The Follow Through - We will schedule one hour follow ups to make sure you are able to follow your plan, and fine tune as we go. These are often once a week for one month, and then every other week or monthly. The schedule is dependent on you - this is not cookie cutter coaching; we need to find what works best to get you where you want to be. Our follow up time includes an appropriate activity, some self-exploration of your progress, and time to recap together and celebrate your progress so far. Need contact between sessions for a quick clarification, or help navigating an unforeseen challenge? You absolutely have my additional support available to you. 
  •  The Future - The future is yours! We will reach a point where we have met the goals we set together, and we can discuss a long-term check in that works best for you. I want to celebrate your success, and remind you of how far you have come! 
  •  Business Coaching - Like it or not, business is personal! Your coaching style will follow a similar schedule, but you may want to make follow up sessions available to your team leaders, or incorporate team focus trainings.